Classroom Learning

Classroom Learning

The first step to achieving RERA-readiness is having proper understanding of the Act, Rules and Regulations and its implementation. A good way to achieve this is through organization-wide training.

As RERA impacts a Realty business at multiple levels, the training should also encompass all spheres of the business as well as all departments – like Planning, Engineering, Accounts & Finance, and Marketing & Sales. At the same time, external agencies like PR & Advertising, Media Consultants and Architectural firms also need to be sensitized of the impact of RERA on the business and its practices.

Complementing our academic proficiency with our decade-long experience in Real Estate Consultancy, our Founders Vinit and Prajakta have been able to deliver incisive, practical and well-researched trainings on RERA. These have been well-appreciated all over the country.

Between the two of them, they have logged in xxx hours of training, spread across xxx cities involving xxx people through xxx sessions.

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